Common Problems With Tiles In Your Home

Have you found the right type of ceramic? If so, do not forget to always take care of him. If you do not want to clean your ceramics in your home, you can try the services of the Tile Cleaning North Shore that you can request for your home. Ceramics usually provide three common problems. What are they, and what is the right way to care for them read more here?

1. Color faded. Usually, this problem is caused by liquid stains that spill onto the ceramic or the use of cleaning products that are too hard.

How to deal: For ceramics with gold or silver finishing, simply wipe using a wet cloth. If you want to use cleaning fluids, make sure the products we use contain chemicals that are not too hard and even better if you have a color protective agent.

2. Mushroom. The poor quality of ceramics that easily absorbs water and damp temperatures is a major factor that causes our ceramic floors to be moldy.

Solution: Make a “magic” fungus eradication formula by mixing one spoonful of crystalline powder (can be bought at a chemical store) and ¼ water in a small bucket. Use a sponge and dip it in the crystal solution we made earlier. Then, rub in one direction on moldy ceramics. If the fungus is stubborn, add a dose of crystalline powder in a solution to two spoons.

3. The ceramic floor is detached, due to a less mature installation plan or “age” of using ceramics that are too old.

Solution: Replace it with new ceramics. Use the right dose of sand and cement mixture before installing it. Don’t forget, pay attention to the structure of the building and the shifting of the land in our home.

Tip: Prevent scratches on the ceramic by selecting the right cleaning tool. And, the simplest way is to sweep and mop the ceramic floor using a polyester mop or sponge. Why? Because the use of polyester mops allows us to immediately mop without having to sweep the floor first, while the sponge mop has the advantage of the soft side and relatively cheaper.

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