How to Keep Your Honey

Love to consume honey but don’t know how to store honey properly? Maintaining the freshness of honey is actually not difficult; You just need to find the right storage container and put the container containing honey in a cool, dry place. If you want to increase its shelf life, honey can also be frozen and thawed whenever consumed. For those of you who want to extract your honey yourself, you can use Honey Extractors.

The following are some ways to store honey:

1. Short term

Choose the right container. Of course, you can store honey in its original container. However, if the container is damaged or leaking, you can move the honey to another container available in your kitchen. Some container options to choose from include:
Closed container made of plastic
Glass container
Mason jar or cookie jar

Choose a storage room with a consistent temperature. Preferably, honey is stored at a temperature of 10-20 ° C. Keep honey from sun exposure. Sunlight also has the potential to damage the quality of honey. Make sure the honey container is tightly closed. Prevent the possibility of outside air contaminating your honey. For that, make sure you close the honey tightly before storing it.

2. Increase Honey Savings

Choose the right storage container. Honey that is not used for months or consumed can crystallize. Store honey in a container that is large enough because the size of honey will enlarge when frozen. Store honey in the freezer. After putting it in a closed container, put honey in the freezer. Honey has a shelf life of years if it is frozen in the freezer. Melt honey when it will be consumed. How to melt honey is very easy: you just store it in an airtight container and let it melt naturally at room temperature. Don’t be tempted to speed up the melting of honey by using unnatural methods!

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