These Are 3 Common Problems Of Residential Air Conditioners

AC is not only used in the bedroom today. For upper to middle-class people, AC is also used in living rooms and living rooms hvac specialist near me. The reason for using air-conditioning is, of course, to provide comfort in the heart of outdoor temperatures. However, this comfort can be disturbed because of the problems that often arise in the air conditioner. When it happens, you might want to call the best company of aire acondicionado tijuana.

So what are the problems or damage that commonly occurs in AC? Here are 3 problems with residential air conditioners:

1. The air conditioner is not cold enough

Already tinkering with the temperature but the AC never cold? One of the problems with less cold air conditioners is that they can be caused by air conditioners that are not routinely maintained or cleaned. Other causes such as unstable voltage, AC capacity that is incompatible with the area of the room, weak IDU and ODU fan styles, lack of freon and often leaving the room open when turning on the air conditioner can also cause the air conditioner to feel less cold.

2. The AC does not work

Is your house air conditioner often dead suddenly? If so, it is recommended that you check the voltage on your home. The cause of AC totally dead can be due to unstable electricity that causes damage to the AC mainboard. In addition, other external factors such as damage to the power outlet, fuse and the power cord on the AC disconnected can also cause the AC to die completely.

3. The AC is not cold at all

Another damage to the AC most often occurs is not the cold air conditioner. Poor maintenance of the AC can cause malfunctions in the air conditioner that is characterized by the AC that is not cold even though it is on. AC that is not cold is generally caused due to non-routine maintenance, causing the AC compressor to be damaged, empty freon, damaged capacitors, or the presence of damaged electrical parts so that the AC is not cold. In addition, the wrong remote mode (supposed to be COOL mode), can also be the cause of the air conditioner not cold.

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