This Is How To Open Roller Wires Without Screws

In fixing roller wires, sometimes we find some cases that have no screws or bolts. Surely for a few moments, we will be confused about how to open it. The way to open it is very easy, you only need a tool in the form of a rather large screwdriver Min (-). On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to mess with electrical appliances, we recommend you to hire the trusted Staten Island Electrical Contractor.

Trick Details How to Open the Cable Roll Casing without Screws

1. Prepare the Cabel Roll and Minus Screwdriver, Turn the Cable Casing Roll so that the outlet (Plug hole) is under.

2. Note that there are four small square holes. look at the hole, make sure you can see two black plastic plates close together.

3. Insert the tip of the minus screwdriver into one of the holes, making sure the tip of the screwdriver penetrates rather deeply between the two black plastic plates in the hole.

4. Position the screwdriver tilted towards the outside of the Casing. Note the edge of the casing, when the side is guarding, immediately hold it with a finger or another screwdriver Minus. After that, please proceed with the other hole.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the whole hole. After casing guard, separate the top and bottom casing by pulling it far apart.

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