You Can Use Floor Panels To Renovate A 2-Storey House

So that renovation of a 2-story house does not cost too much the solution is to use floor panels. With floor panels, there are many advantages that we can get because this one element is very helpful in minimizing other elements needed to make a terraced house. The floor panel is also called a precast panel with a fairly lightweight. This element is made from quality materials and its lightweight nature makes installation much easier. Using floor panels makes the renovation process go faster because we don’t need a new home structure related to this vertical housing development. However, if the condition of the structure of the house downstairs is not possible or looks fragile indeed we should make a new home structure. So before deciding to make the structure of the upper floor we must first know the strength of the structure of the house downstairs. Additionally, if you need experts to help you renovate your house, you may call the best expert on home improvement in columbia sc.

The floor panel is a component of a house with a model resembling a lightweight brick, only the shape is longer and wider. The floor panel itself has been included in the reinforcement process so that when installed directly can be used and able to withstand dead loads and live loads on it (400 kg / m2). Aside from being lighter and stronger, the construction of this floor panel is actually quite simple, consisting of 2 blocks which are opposite and cast in the joint. One of the advantages of floor panels is that they are installed more quickly and easily because they are very different from how the second-floor rails use conventional casting processes.

Although it is quite easy and faster, the installation of floor panels requires experienced experts in their field. In essence, a separate mechanism is needed so that it does not experience difficulties during the installation. Here, the most important thing before the floor panel is installed, we have to make sure the condition of the concrete beam-column as the floor panel holder is completely dry, or there is a more practical alternative that is to use steel construction, with steel clearly not requiring a drying process. So, the floor panel can be installed immediately.

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