You Must Know This Before You Install TOTO Urinals With Sensors

The TOTO urinal module consists of 2 main parts namely the mechanical part or unit and the control unit. The mechanical unit consists of a body made of cast iron and some supporting parts such as the inlet-outlet gooseneck, main valve (On-Off), strainer, and solenoid. While the urinal control unit consists of 1 module + sensor unit, sensor safety glass, cover and sensor holder. If you buy a new one, usually all parts are included and all you have to do is install the clean water installation. Additionally, if you’ve got a clogged urinal in your building, we suggest you call some of the best Columbia SC plumbers.

The installation of a standing urinal sensor TOTO is not too difficult. What must be prepared is the main inlet pipeline which will supply clean water to the urinal unit. First, you must do the right measurement. Namely, the measurement of the height of the urinal then added the height of the urinal sensor. The height of the urinal sensor can be roughly straight with normal people doing it. Between the urinal unit and the sensor unit can be adjusted to adjust the place because the sensor outlet has a flexible hose so that it can be adjusted.

After the measurement is complete, then we install the clean water supply pipes. If the installation of the urinal sensor is intended for residential houses with water sources from the reservoir, the installation can use PVC pipes. But if the urinal plug is installed in a high rise building then it is compulsory to use an iron pipe because the water pressure is high enough, it is feared that the use of PVC pipes will not be able to withstand the great pressure of the existing water. The pipe size can be selected which is 1/2 inch. Because the urinal sensor unit connector uses ‘gooseneck’ size 1/2 inch.

After positioning the urinal sensor unit box firmly mounted on the wall. Then the next step is to install the inlet section in the form of a hollow pipe similar to the ‘gooseneck made of brass.

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